Mirza Abbas Mahdawi Fard

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Mirza Abbas Mahdawi Fard

Hujjat al-Islam Mīrzā ʿAbbās Mahdawī Fard (Persian:میرزا عباس مهدوی فرد، b. 1967) pursued his education by taking classes of great scholars like Nasir Makarim Shirazi, Ja'far Subhani and Jawad Tabrizi. Later as a teacher, he wrote scores of articles and books including: Baha'iyyat, Falsafi-ye Intizar, Sugnami-ye Yas, Chira Imam Hasan Sulh Nimud wa Imam Husayn Qiyam Kard. Besides teaching at hawza, he has been a supervisor and advisor on several thesis projects. Researcher in Markaz-e Mutali'at wa Pajoohishha-ye Hawza, and teaching in University of Malayer and University of Arak are noted among his key responsibilities.[1]

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