Sayyid Ruhullah Sayyid Tabayi

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Sayyid Ruhullah Sayyid Tabayi

Hujjat al-Islam Sayyid Rūḥullāh Sayyid Ṭabāyī pursued his education in hawza. He has been contributor to several books including: Guzida-ye Shahadatnama-ye Imam Husayn (a), Hikmatnama-ye Imam Husayn (a), Danishnama-ye Imam Husayn (a), Guzida-ye Danishnama-ye Imam Husayn (a), Danishnama-ye Imam Mahdi (a) and Mawsu'a-ye Ahl-e Bayt and Farhangnama-ye Ziarat-e 'Atabat.[1]


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