Az Imam Mahdi Bishtar Bidanim (book)

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Az Imam Mahdi Bishtar Bidanim: Haftad wa du Pursish wa Pasukh Darbara-ye Imam Mahdi (a) bar Asas-e Danishnama-ye Imam Mahdi (a)
AuthorMuhammad Baqirizadah Ash'ari
Original titleاز امام مهدی (ع) بیشتر بدانیم؛ ۷۲ پرسش و پاسخ درباره امام مهدی (ع) بر اساس دانشنامه امام مهدی (ع)
SeriesOne volume
SubjectMahdismImamateImam Mahdi (a)Q&A on MahdismLearning about Imam Mahdi (a)
PublisherDar al-Hadith Publications
Publication date
1395 (SH)/2016

Az Imām Mahdī Bīshtar Bidānīm: Haftād wa du Pursish wa Pāsukh Darbāra-ye Imām Mahdī (a) bar Asās-e Danishnāma-ye Imām Mahdī (a) (Persian: از امام مهدی (ع) بیشتر بدانیم؛ ۷۲ پرسش و پاسخ درباره امام مهدی (ع) بر اساس دانشنامه امام مهدی (ع), lit. learn more about Imam al-Mahdi (a): seventy two Q&As about Imam Mahdi (a) based on related entries in Danishnama-ye Imam Mahdi) is a book written by Muhammad Baqirizadah Ash'ari. It is printed by Dar al-Hadith Publications.[1]

Book Overview

The author briefly introduces his work by writing that these Q&As, which are compiled in nine chapters, are selected through entries of Danishnama-ye Imam Mahdi—which is authored by Muhammad Muhammadi Rayshahri. The book begins by referring to instances of reappearance of the awaiting savior in other religions. It then proceeds to offer basic information on Imam Mahdi (a) and his attributes. The final chapters shed light on his ongoing occultation, visiting his eminence, awaiting reappearance, signs for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi, Raj'a, mentioning fixed dates for his reappearance and Imam Mahdi (a) at the time of reappearance.[2]


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