Farhangnama-ye Mahdawiyyat (book)

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Farhangnama-ye Mahdawiyyat
AuthorKhudamurad Salimiyan
Original titleفرهنگنامه مهدویت
SeriesOne volume
PublisherPublications of Mahdi Maw'ud Cultural Foundation
Publication date
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Farhangnāma-ye Mahdawīyyat (Persian: فرهنگنامه مهدویت, lit. glossary on Mahdism) is a book in Persian that studies the names of characters and places as well as the terminologies related to the thought of Mahdism. It is written by Khudamurad Salimiyan and printed by Publications of Mahdi Maw'ud Cultural Foundation.[1]

About the book

This work which is based on Shi'a hadith sources, historical sources, dictionaries and glossaries covers different topics related to Imam Mahdi (a) in an alphabetical order. In the section on A'lam (names of places and characters) entries on Aṣhab al-Kahaf (the people of the cave), Antioch, Dajjal, Sufyani, Jazirah al-Khadra', the Celler in Samarra (sardab), Mosque of Kufah, Narjis, Prophet Jesus (a), Radaw Mount, Dhi Tuwa Mount, Jamkaran Mosque and Sahla Mosque among others can be pointed out. In the section on terminologies, the following entries have been mentioned: Ashrat al-Sa'ah (Indications of the Hour), Letters of Imam al-Mahdi (a) (Tawqi'at al-Imam al-Mahdi (a)), Dabbah al-Ard (Beast of the Earth), the occultation, Raj'ah, death of ignorance, Nahiyah al-Muqaddasah, Deputiship, Gog and Magog and Nafs al-Zakiyyah.[2] The author, under each of these entries, apart from mentioning their literal meaning, also mentions the verses of the Qur'an, relevant hadiths, historical sources and other related sources. In this way, for the benefit of readers, he has tried to give as much a comprehensive response as possible on subjects of these entries.

About the Author

Khudamurad Salimiyan

Hujjat al-Islam Khudāmurād Salīmīyān or Khodamorad Salimiyan (Persian:خدامراد سلیمیان، b. 1967) pursued his education by taking classes of great scholars like Nasir Makarim Shirazi, Ja'far Subhani and 'Abdullah Jawadi Amuli. Later as a teacher, he wrote scores of articles and books including: Darsnama-ye Mahdawiyyat (a textbook about Mahdism), Intizar-e Maw'ud Nawidbakhsh-e Ayanda-ye Ziba wa ba Shukuh, Muallifaha-ye Intizar-e Tawanmand az Nigah-e Riwayat (lit. hadiths on factors for effective waiting), Farhangnama-ye Mahdawiyyat (a reference book for Mahdism), Zaminisazan-e Zuhur, Ma'arif-e Mahdawiyyat , Naqsh-e Mardum dar Inqilab-e Jahani-ye Mahdi (lit. the role of people in the rising of Imam Mahdi (a)), Mafhumshinasi Amniyat-e Intizar wa Sulh, Nigahi Kutah be Ad'iyah wa Ziyarat-e Marbut be Hadrat-e Mahdi (a glance at related supplications on Imam Mahdi), Pursiman-e Mahdawiyyat (queries on Mahdism), Bay'at: Sazukar-e Musharikat-e Siyasi-ye Mardum dar Hukumat-e Mahdi (allegiance: details on mechanism for political participation of people in Imam Mahdi's (a) rule), Tahlil-e Hadith Shinasi-ye Hukm-e Namburdan-e Hadrat-e Mahdi (lit. an analysis on hadith studies for the ruling on pronouncing the name of Imam Mahdi (a)), Barrasi-ye Tasamuh dar Naql-e Riwayat-e Nishanaha-ye Zuhur (lit. an analysis on applying leniency in narrating signs of reappearance) and Intizar wa Muntaziran. Besides teaching at hawza, he has been a supervisor and advisor on several thesis projects. Head of Hadith Department at Research Center for Mahdism and Future Studies, editor for Journal of Mahdism Studies, and member of Mahdawiyya Board of Academic Council of Qom Seminaries are noted among his key responsibilities.[3]


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