Ma'arif-e Mahdawiyyat (book)

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Ma'arif-e Mahdawiyyat
Authorresearchers from Institute of Mahdism and Future Studies
Original titleمعارف مهدویت
SeriesOne volume
PublisherBustan-e Kitab Publication
Publication date
1393 Sh./2015

Maʿārif-e Mahdawīyyat (Persian: معارف مهدویت, lit. teachings on Mahdism) is a compilation of treatises about Mahdism and Imam Mahdi (a) in Persian. It is authored by a number of researchers from the Institute of Mahdism and Future Studies, some of whom include: Ali Rabbani Gulpaygani, Muhammad Hadi Yusufi Gharawi, 'Izzuddin Rida Nizhad, Sayyid Mandhir al-Hakim, Khudamurad Salimiyan, Mahdi Alipur, Sayyid Muhammad Jawad Fadiliyan, Ghulam Rida Bihruzlak, Muhammad 'Andalibzadih and Ahmad 'Abidi. It is printed by Bustan-e Kitab[1].

Book Overview

Ma'arif-e Mahdawiyyat begins by an article about the Imamate of Imam Mahdi (a), his leading role in maintaining world stability and providing ultimate guidance for human beings, communicating with the obscured Imam through supplications and prayers, the mere blessing of his existence and his continuous leadership via impartial and informed jurists (aka. faqihs) is discussed. Next, an article on the arguments on the necessity of Imam Mahdi's (a) existence during the occultation era, with the goal of basically providing not only Qur'anic but also logical and narrative justifications, are presented therein. At the end, the book features other insightful and revealing articles about Imam Mahdi's (a) life (from birth to the current era), his attributed titles, his uniquely possessed characteristics, verses of the Qur'an that speak about his reappearance and occultation, the implications of laying the groundwork for his reappearance, the issue of awaiting for his reappearance and its jurisprudential rulings, the concept of reappearance and its noted signs, thoughts on the global rise of Imam Mahdi (a) and his blessed government, the profound impact of exercising his remembrance and fulfilling our duties during the occultation era, and, the false prophets as well as their declared claims are among the topics which are properly examined and discussed.[1]


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