Mas'ala-ye Mahdawiyyat (book)

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Mas'ala-ye Mahdawiyyat
AuthorMas'ud 'Ali
Original titleمسأله مهدویت ۱
Publisher'Atash Publications
Publication date
1394 sh./2015 • 1396 Sh./2017
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Masʾala-ye Mahdawīyyat (Persian: مسأله مهدویت, lit. the issue of Mahdism) is the second volume of a three-volume book in Persian that discusses personal responsibilities of those waiting for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (a) (aka. the Muntazirs). It is written by Mas'ud Āli and printed by 'Atash Publications.[1]

About the Author

Mas'ud Ali

Hujjat al-Islam Masʿūd ʿĀlī (Persian: مسعود عالی, b. 1943) pursued his education in hawza by taking classes of scholars like Muhammad Taqi Bahjat, Nasir Makarim Shirazi, Jawad Tabrizi, and Abu l-Hasan Muslihi Araki. He continued his studies in university and holds a bachelor degree in sociology. He is a member of board of trustees in Wali el Amr Comprehensive Center of Islamic Sciences. Besides being a teacher in seminaries, delivering sermons and promoting Islam, he came to write scores of articles and books including: Sarniwisht-e Insan, sirat wa shafa'at, Sarniwisht-e Insan, bihisht wa Jahannam be indimam-e Mi'raj wa A'raf, Mas'ala-ye mahdawiyyat and Mahdawiyyat.[2]

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