Dadgustar-e Jahan (book)

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Dadgustar-e Jahan
Language Persian
Original title دادگستر جهان
Author Ibrahim Amini
Series One volume
Subject ImamateWilayahMahdism
Published in Qom, Iran
Publisher Shafaq Publications (1392 Sh./2013) • Dar al-Fikr Publications (1352 Sh./1973)
Publication date
1352 Sh./1973 • 1392 Sh./2013
Pages 348
ISBN ‎‫‬‭‎978-964-485-047-9 ‬
Dewey Decimal

Dādgustar-e Jahān (Persian: دادگستر جهان, lit. world administer of justice) is a book in Persian that discusses matters and Q & A's about Imam Mahdi (a). It is written by Ibrahim Amini and printed by Shafaq Publications and Dar al-Fikr Publications.[1]

Book Overview

The author makes references to hadith narrators’, exegetes’ and historians’, affiliated with both Shi’a and Sunni schools of thought, logical and traditional justifications along with that of experimental science, to respond to a wide variety of existing doubts regarding Mahdism. Some of the key topics covered in this work are: Ālam al-Ghayb (aka. the unseen or the obscured world) and concept of the Imam of Time (aka. Imam of Age), the Imamate (leadership) of a five-year old child, the underlying philosophy of continuation of Imam Mahdi’s (a) occultation, Imam Mahdi (a) as illustrated by ahl al-Sunna, signs and pre-conditions of the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (a) and helpers of Imam Mahdi (a).

The style of discussions raised in this work follows a debate format which makes it even more appealing to the readers. The author ascribes the origin of belief in Mahdism to as early as the era of Prophet Muhammad (s) and proceeds to closely examine Imam Mahdi’s (a) reported lineage and personality. The author, subsequently, disproves narrated claims about Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah, Muhammad ibn 'Abdullah ibn al-Hasan and Waqifiyyah’s belief in the rise of Imam Sadiq (a), being the promised saviors. Finally, the author refutes the argument that Mahdism originated from Judaic or Zoroastrian beliefs as well as the associated role of Abdullah ibn Saba' in the creation of Mahdism.[1]

About the Author

Ibrahim Amini

Ibrāhīm Amīnī (Persian:ابراهیم امینی، b. 1925) pursued his education in hawza by taking classes of scholars like Sayyid Rida Baha al-Dini, Sayyid Shahab al-Din Mar'ashi Najafi, Sayyid Muhammad Rida Gulpayigani, Allama Tabataba'i and Imam Khomeini. He served for three terms as representative in the Assembly of Experts of the Leadership. The deputy chairman and head of the secretariat in Assembly of Experts of the Leadership and leading the Friday Prayer in Qom are among his undertakings. He has authored several books and articles including: Dadgustar-e Jahan, Jazira-ye Khazra', Afsana ya Waqi'iyat, Al-Imamah wa al-A'immah, Marja'iyyah Ahl al-Bayt, Imamat wa Imaman, Wahy dar Adyan-e Asimani, Barrasiy-e Masa'il-e Kulli-e Imamat, Dirasah 'Ammah fi al-Imamah, Payambari wa Payambar-e Islam, Marja'iyyat-e Ilmi Ahl al-Bayt and Ilm Imam az Didgah-e Ahadith.[2]


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