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Our mission

We offer a smarter and easier to use/search encyclopedia on Shia’s two most indispensable doctrines; Imamat and Wilaya.

Our manifesto

All of us, including scholars, have a shared belief: a majority of Muslim communities have yet to develop a fully-fledged recognition of Imamat and Wilaya. This need, in spite of a myriad of publications, has hardly been duly and aptly met. As seeds of discord between Muslims are sown, we have taken into attention the undeniable capacity of these two doctrines to bring light where its darkness through our knowledge-based contributions.

Our core principles

Readers first

The data on what readers want is provided in an unequivocal fashion: content they can trust - delivered way, more efficient. Every piece of content we produce is constantly edited for articulacy.

No ads

Our encyclopedia’s tech team is advised not to use ads to promote anyone’s contents anywhere. It's hard to argue that slick media would not pay off. However we hold it to be true that by killing ads and adjusting our readers to new habits we can make their experience more substantive and more meaningful— and therefore more valuable.

Smart and excellent, always

We distinguish ourselves by delivering as much efficient a language as possible to address topics, even if needed in-depth analysis, to make it less time-consuming.

Last word

The area of Imamat and Wilaya covers a wide range of discussions on fiqh, Islamic law, ethics, and such. While there are many unreliable and fake sources, the encyclopedia of Imamat and Wilaya is being engineered by experts from Hawza under the oversight of Ayatollah Mohsen Araki to address deficiencies and promote reliable ideas.

We have recognized that by allowing Muslim researchers, whether Sunni or Shia, to better understand the value of the doctrines of Imamat and Wilaya, they could find knowledge-based answers that suit questions of the time. We really hope so.