Darsnama-ye Mahdawiyyat (book)

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Darsnama-ye Mahdawiyyat
AuthorKhudamurad Salimiyan
Original titleدرسنامه مهدویت
SeriesFour volumes
PublisherBunyad Farhangi Mahdi Maw'ud
Publication date
1385 (SH)/2006 • 1388 (SH)/2009 • 1389 (SH)/2010

Darsnāma-ye Mahdawīyyat (Persian:درسنامه مهدویت, a textbook on Mahdism) by Khudamurad Salimiyan is a book written in Persian that discusses Mahdism from inception to global expansion. It is published in four volumes and is printed by Bunyad Farhangi Mahdi Maw'ud Publications [1]

Book Overview

  • The first volume studies early stages of Imam Mahdi's (a) life, from birth to point Imamate. This volume consists of fifteen lessons in plain and simple language; aimed for general readers. Some of its topics are: the awaited savior in Abrahamic religions, Mahdism in the Qur'an, Mahdism in Shi'a narrations, Mahdism in Sunni sources, deflections in Mahdism doctrine and bloodline of Imam Mahdi (a).
  • The third volume tracks incidents after the reappearance of the Imam (a) to the establishment of his government. This volume consists of fifteen lessons. Topics are: world on the verge of reappearance, conditions for the reappearance, preparations and architects of the reappearance, riots before the reappearance, recognizing the enemy, belief in Mahdism, signs of reappearance, signs of the Day of Resurrection, the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (a), Imam Mahdi 's (a) rise and its global reach, opponents of Imam Mahdi 's (a) rise, companions and assistants of Imam Mahdi (a), unseen blessings during Imam Mahdi 's (a) rise, identifying pitfalls in Mahdism and Bibliography on Mahdism.
  • The fourth volume covers implications for Imam Mahdi 's (a) rule and its distinguishing qualities. The fourth volume is designed in the format of an exclusive textbook for researchers of the Mahdaviyya Institute. It contains some of the most important discussions on issues of reappearance and occultation of Imam Mahdi (a). It also explores the scope of Imam Mahdi 's (a) rule in terms of politics, society, economy and ethics.Template:Fix/category[citation needed]

About the Author

Khudamurad Salimiyan

Hujjat al-Islam Khudāmurād Salīmīyān or Khodamorad Salimiyan (Persian:خدامراد سلیمیان، b. 1967) pursued his education by taking classes of great scholars like Nasir Makarim Shirazi, Ja'far Subhani and 'Abdullah Jawadi Amuli. Later as a teacher, he wrote scores of articles and books including: Darsnama-ye Mahdawiyyat (a textbook about Mahdism), Intizar-e Maw'ud Nawidbakhsh-e Ayanda-ye Ziba wa ba Shukuh, Muallifaha-ye Intizar-e Tawanmand az Nigah-e Riwayat (lit. hadiths on factors for effective waiting), Farhangnama-ye Mahdawiyyat (a reference book for Mahdism), Zaminisazan-e Zuhur, Ma'arif-e Mahdawiyyat , Naqsh-e Mardum dar Inqilab-e Jahani-ye Mahdi (lit. the role of people in the rising of Imam Mahdi (a)), Mafhumshinasi Amniyat-e Intizar wa Sulh, Nigahi Kutah be Ad'iyah wa Ziyarat-e Marbut be Hadrat-e Mahdi (a glance at related supplications on Imam Mahdi), Pursiman-e Mahdawiyyat (queries on Mahdism), Bay'at: Sazukar-e Musharikat-e Siyasi-ye Mardum dar Hukumat-e Mahdi (allegiance: details on mechanism for political participation of people in Imam Mahdi's (a) rule), Tahlil-e Hadith Shinasi-ye Hukm-e Namburdan-e Hadrat-e Mahdi (lit. an analysis on hadith studies for the ruling on pronouncing the name of Imam Mahdi (a)), Barrasi-ye Tasamuh dar Naql-e Riwayat-e Nishanaha-ye Zuhur (lit. an analysis on applying leniency in narrating signs of reappearance) and Intizar wa Muntaziran. Besides teaching at hawza, he has been a supervisor and advisor on several thesis projects. Head of Hadith Department at Research Center for Mahdism and Future Studies, editor for Journal of Mahdism Studies, and member of Mahdawiyya Board of Academic Council of Qom Seminaries are noted among his key responsibilities.[2]


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